Meet Samantha Candy

Facilitator: Casson Communities Art Program

The Art of Living.

Being of British origin and immigrating to NZ when I was young, then moving to Sierra Nevada and L.A. for two years before moving back to the UK for another two years and finally settling in Western Australia, I guess I would say, I feel like an international citizen.

During my travels, I developed a deep passion visually which lead me into the field of the Arts. It really started when I went to Paris for my 21st birthday. I borrowed a friend's camera. I purchased some B&W film and on arriving back to London and having it processed, I was hooked!
I immediately enrolled at the Charles Peguy Centre of Photography in London, learning the process of developing B&W film and printing.

I furthered my education when moving to Australia completing three years in the Applied Science of Photography. Then photography was an extremely male-dominated and commercial field, also not digital like now.
Leaning more towards the creative and visual aspect of the medium I worked solo, freelancing for myself prior to having my son. My direction changed when my son was three years old - I discovered welding!! Yes. Welding!!

I went onto completing a course in Mig/Tig welding and started working for Fear & Loathing. F&L was founded by two extremely creative British siblings. We created amazing wrought iron beds, table bases, sculptures etc. On many occasions going to clients homes to measure spaces for the fabrication of furniture, I became inspired by interior placement. This led me into yet another branch of creativity, Interior Design. This is where I came back to painting.

I had always loved art in school, it was the only subject I excelled in really. Working in the arena of Interior Design Consulting is when I started to paint again. I was able to display my paintings in the showroom and have sold many pieces for client's homes I have worked on and other person's needing something for their homes/office etc.

Currently, I have a studio in Victoria Park, upstairs in the Broken Hill Hotel.
During the lockdown, I worked on a painting commissioned by the Publicans of the Broken Hill and this is when I came to contacting Casson Homes to see if they had any work available. This is where a new journey begins in developing a creative outlet for the residents to express themselves through their own art.

Art is very subjective, maybe more so than other mediums as it is so very personal. I feel this opportunity for the residents will build confidence in themselves, create a safe space in which to express their emotions & explore their creativity.
After being diagnosed with a crippling disease myself in my head, I have found solace in being able to transfer my emotions into Art. Again, like I said, it is all very subjective and raw energy when we paint.

After having neurosurgery I have been left with another debilitating condition caused unfortunately by the procedure. Living in constant pain and continuous medications to serve the pain isn't pleasant. I believe my understanding of pain and many medications allows an understanding of sorts to enable support and have empathy with many of the residents struggling with their own pains both physically & psychologically.

Mental Health is finally having the light shone on it. It is here and only here we can build a secure and safe environment for us all in the community. Casson Homes' refreshing outlook and support systems provide a nurturing and safe place, that facilitates for many in the community and their varying degrees of abilities. Wherever they may be in their progress, Casson is always seeking new ways in which to move forward and be proactive in "The Art of Living".

Samantha Candy

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